25 Reads of Xmas #6

Every day in December leading up to Christmas we’ll be reading a book to enjoy the season. Join us as we enjoy seasonal reads that are perfect to celebrate the holidays!

If you’ve ever wondered where Santa Claus comes from, this book might just answer all of your questions!

Nikolas may not be as lucky as other children, with their big houses and mounds of toys, but he has everything he could ever want for. He has his father, his mouse companion Miika, and a cottage in which to keep warm. So, perhaps yes, it’s not the ideal place. And perhaps he and his father are hungry on more than one night. Maybe this is the reason why on one night in the middle of summer when a mysterious gentleman shows up out of nowhere, Nikolas’ father agrees to take a job that will lead him far away from his son. At first, Nikolas can manage without his father, even if that means putting up with nasty Aunt Carlotta. But soon, he begins to become worried for his father’s life and it’s not long before Nikolas has decided to take on the mission of finding the last member of his family, even if that means trekking to the farthest reaches of the earth, saving a village of elves, and facing his greatest fears to do so!

This is a pretty well-written read by Matt Haig. It’s clever and answers lots of questions that children may have about Santa Claus, though I will say it’s peppered with lots of boy humor that I didn’t appreciate. However, younger readers will no doubt find the humor quite on point and enjoy this read, especially if it is read to them. No matter how your family chooses to make their way through this read, I hope you get a chance to enjoy it this Christmas season.

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