25 Reads of Xmas #2

Every day in December leading up to Christmas we’ll be reading a book to enjoy the season. Join us as we enjoy seasonal reads that are perfect to celebrate the holidays!

Today we’ll be reading a rollicking adventure that takes historical fiction, Christmas spirit, high adventure, kid mysteries, and smushes them all together in this one great read!

There’s nothing quite like Christmas morning, that bright sunny time filled with presents and joy. That is, unless you’re a naughty kid, like Peter finds himself on Christmas morning. He’s never figured himself for a naughty kid until he finds a scrap of paper in his living room with his name marked down next to the term Know-It-All. He’s found Santa’s naughty list, filled with the names of all the kids who possess the naughty traits that equal a lump of coal in their stocking. Most kids would take this laying down, but not the Know-It-All. Instead, he decides to team up with other members of the list, assembling a group including the Liar, the Rude, the Cruel, and more. Together, they’re the No-Good Nine and they’re going to make Santa Claus take back his policy on coal if it’s the last thing they do!

This was a really fun read. Honestly, it’s just a wild ride filled with all sorts of historical Easter eggs from Al Capone to the wildest flings of legal instance. John Brememlmans Marciano does an excellent job of crafting this read that takes readers from the humdrum life of 1931 America to the snowy reaches of the North Pole. It’s a book that you’ll definitely want to return to every holiday season!

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