25 Reads of Xmas #1

This year for Christmas, we’re going to be reading a book every day up until the 25th! While it is a might task, we’ll be trying to get through a review every single day, even if it’s only a short little blurb.

For the first review, we’ll be reading The Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher. This is a sweet book that is actually quite excellent for readers transitioning to bigger reads. Even if this looks like a daunting book to plow through, it’s actually formatted quite well for younger readers, with large onomatopoeias dominating the text to bring action to life and lots of illustrations throughout. The book is also highly relatable for a child, as the main character William is highly likeable and understandable. Though he suffers from being trapped in a wheelchair, William has high aspirations of owning his very own dinosaur. Chaoes ensues when he gets exactly what he wants from Santa – only to find that someone else wants him as well! William has to get the dinosaur safely away from the villainous Hunter, even if that means enlisting the help local mean girl Brenda Prayne to get to the North Pole and to find out whether Santa can grant his one true Christmas wish.

This is an excellent read to start us out with. Cheerful, filled with hope, and bursting with the holiday spirit, The Christmasaurus is a wonderful book to start off  our 25 Reads of Christmas series and I really hope all ya’ll will be staying around for the rest of our reads.


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