Star Wars Reads: Star Wars Insider

It’s October, which as long time readers might know, means that we’re reading all things Star Wars. Stay with us every week as we talk about the newest reads and the most entertaining stories from a galaxy far, far away…

This week on the blog, we’re discussing a volume of articles from the popular Star Wars Insider magazine. I personally bought the first volume several years ago now and since have borrowed and read the second volume from my local library numerous times.

Star Wars Insider is the official Star Wars magazine, with articles covering the production of films, the mythos of the TV shows, and the bygone days of the expanded universe novels. It has its roots in The Lucasfilm Fan Club, becoming its official magazine in 1987. Today, the magazines can be seen on several newsstands or found in libraries, though my preferred method of reading is through these collected volumes. Volume one gives valuable insight into the actors who lent their talents to the films and dives more deeply into the mindset and mythos of not only George Lucas, but the characters themselves and the choices they made, while volume two centers more of production and world building in the Star Wars universe. Personally, I prefer volume one if I had to own only one of these two volumes, but I really enjoy discovering more about the production of Star Wars sets, costumes, and special effects. I am a Star Wars geek, so anything that these volumes has for me is great and I’m looking forward to borrowing volumes three and four when they arrive at our local library.

Personally, this is one of the best and worst places to start if you’re not already a Star Wars
fan. If you’re appreciative of the creative arts and all that goes into building a well-crafted film, you will enjoy these reads. But if, like some people, you’re content only watching the films to be entertained, these probably aren’t the best works to try and bring you into the fold. For newcomers, I’d recommend reads like Star Wars: A Farmboy, A Princess, and a Smuggler or perhaps even companion series to the films, like the Star Wars Jedi Apprentice series. If you are a fan of the films, this is the place to start your love for the entire other half of the Star Wars saga – the myth making itself.

I’m a huge film fan and I find this process fascinating. If you are too, these are the volumes you’re looking for.


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