Star Wars Reads: Thrawn Alliances

It’s October, which as long time readers might know, means that we’re reading all things Star Wars. Stay with us every week as we talk about the newest reads and the most entertaining stories from a galaxy far, far away…

It is a time of peace in the galaxy. The Galactic Empire has long since stopped the Jedi plot to overthrow the democratic system and the Inner Core is profiting as it never has before. At least, this is what Emperor Palpatine tells the citizens of his new realm. In truth, the galaxy has never been more divided. Insurgents rebel against the Empire, gaining numbers by the day and Palpatine can sense his apprentice’s anxiety to do something about the problem. But he has a different mission for the impatient Vader – a mission that will involve teaming up with former Chiss Commander Mitth’raw’nuruodo, present Grand Admiral Thrawn. Their assignment will take them to the Outer Rim on the Chiss home planet and will bring them face to face with some of their darkest threats: Thrawn’s future and Vader’s past.

I’m a huge Star Wars fan and I especially really enjoy reading “Legends” stories. Since Disney’s purchase of the franchise, a lot of the books I used to read are now considered non-canonical. Thankfully, Disney seems to be taking steps towards bringing some of the expanded universe content into their own fold, because one of the more formidable characters from this previously filled out world is Grand Admiral Thrawn, a Chiss who thwarted the formation of the New Republic time and time again. In the new canon, Thrawn serves under the Galactic Empire before its fall and Star Wars: Thrawn Alliances gives us an insight into his prime.

We also get a glimpse of the first time Anakin Skywalker and Thrawn met. Padme Amidala, a character often beat down by those who are not fans of the prequel, is really redeemed in the extended universe content like The Clone Wars television series and her personality really shines through in this novel.

If you’re a new fan of the series, I wouldn’t recommend starting with this novel; it’s a spin-off that relies heavily on existing content in the Star Wars timeline. For longtime fans, this will be an exciting if not highly anticipated read. Vader is possibly the biggest canonical baddy in the Star Wars universe and Thrawn one of the more popular villains in the expanded universe. Definitely go pick up this novel at your local bookstore or library for an insightful look into the rich world of Star Wars.


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