Book Review – Incredibles Prequel

This week on the blog, we’re getting back to regular book reviews to discuss a rather interesting read based on the recent Incredibles II movie release.

Being a super is pretty sweet, especially when you’re the flexibly gifted Elastigirl. It’s a good life, cleaning up the city and making the citizens happy on the side. Elastigirl has it all – though Helen Parr may not. It can get pretty lonely not being able to share both halves of her life with someone else. Her options aren’t great though; most super guys are not the type that she’d picture helping an old lady across the street or being kind to strangers, like the friendly Bob Parr she keeps running into. Even superfriends are hard to come by or trust, especially when rogue villains begin to attack supers on the job! Who is trying to sabotage the superhero celebration? What does the mysterious serum really do? And most annoying of all: who is the arrogant Mr. Incredible really?

Well-written, well-paced, and easy enough for any reader, this is the Incredibles story that I never really expected nor wanted but enjoyed immensely once I read it. I highly recommend you give it a flip-through, especially if you are a huge Pixar fan and/or film theorist. This book definitely lends some credence to some of the theories out there and it expands upon the world that we never really see in the films, as well as giving a bit of history on the characters. It’s interesting to note that they really play up the more cocky, in-his-prime side of Mr. Incredible, while Elastigirl’s more independent qualities that shone in the sequel are also more easily on display. As for the rest of the characters, most are pretty forgettable, including the villain.

Again, it’s a pretty good read, especially if you’re fresh from seeing it and are craving more incredible content (sorry, not sorry; pun intended).

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