Around the World

Move over, Phineas Fogg – there are some new adventurers in town and this time, all of their adventures are true!

In the 19th century, Jules Verne’s book Around the World in Eighty Days and other such novels inspired generations to look at travel in a new way. Three separate stories follow the few among many intrepid enough to travel the globe without the help of a loyal sidekick, giant hot air balloon, and the harrowing adventures. The first is Thomas Stevens, the former miner who is now determined to go round the world on the newfangled bicycle. He may not have the full financial support of his company nor even the faith of his former coworkers, but Stevens is convinced he can make it. Then there is Nelly Bly, the girl reporter who revealed the truth about asylums. Her life as a reporter is never boring and neither is this trip. With her one bag, deer-stalker cap, and can-do spirit, Nelly Bly managed to circumnavigate the globe in under eighty days. Lastly is Joshua Slocum, the widower who became the first man to single-handedly sail the world. Together these three daring souls proved that what is fiction can become fact.

Matt Phelan has captured the spirit of adventure in his new graphic novel, Around the World. Focusing on three different adventurers who did what at the time was considered impossible for various reasons, this is a book that is also excellent at examining the past and how we view it. I like the muted color palette as well as the travel posters interspersed throughout. Truly a great read that I recommend to any reader, young or old.

Chime Time! How far have you traveled in the world?

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