Fond Birthday Wishes

We interrupt this regularly scheduled program to bring you a sappy message on the occasion of my mother’s birthday. If you skip past, it’s okay. I won’t be offended (because lets be honest I don’t know your mother anymore than you know mine…)

Mom, thank you.

You are nothing if not a survivor. You’ve managed to hold it together through a lot, even before I ever came along and I’m sure I was no small challenge. With two type A, ambitious, goal-oriented, perfection-obsessed, people-pleasers in the household, life is always interesting. Sometimes I think the Lord Almighty is having a good laugh sometimes just watching the two of us. We’re so alike and yet so different and for every flaw I have, you have a beautiful quality. The years have honed you to become like a multi-faceted gem and I only hope that someday I can shine as bright as you. God gave me a wonderful example in your loving grace, your clear head, and your thoughtful planning.

God has taught me so much within the last few years of my life and all of it has led me to be closer to you. Whether it’s been through the new job, college classes, or just navigating the last few years of regular homeschooling, He’s been good to see both of us through the crazy and guide us closer together. You’ve become more of a friend than I could know and I am sincerely blessed every time you trust me enough to share how you truly feel with me. I love being able to help you in any way and I truly cannot say how much I appreciate it when you do the same for me. You are truly an amazing mother for doing all this not just for me, but also for four other people on a 24/7 basis. I don’t know how you do it.

You’re simply fantastic.

Oh and you’re still as drop-dead gorgeous as you were when you graduated high school. That’s always a plus.

Happy Birthday, Mom. I hope you always know how much we love you and how much we appreciate everything you do. Even when some of us forget to say it or are too busy getting agitated because the next math lesson is slow coming or because it’s taking us forever to get that coordinated event or because gosh-darn-it! the wrong laundry is in someone else’s pile again, we love you. I always have and I always will.

Proverbs 31:28 “Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her.”

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6 Responses to Fond Birthday Wishes

  1. booklook says:

    Happy birthday mom 🙂
    No adjectives can truly define mothers. They are best of all the blessings!

  2. And she’s still a babe!

  3. Thank you, my love. There are no words. Reading this was a blessing.

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