Failing Up

We’ve all wanted to enjoy our fair share of the spotlight and Broadway star, Leslie Odom Jr. is no stranger to the climb it takes to get there.

Whether you can’t wait for your opportunity to take the stand and shine bright or want to stay behind the curtain, his new book Failing Up is sure to be a great read on the journeys one takes through life. Mr. Odom Jr. weaves useful lessons on how to take chances and enjoy the journey of life better into artful narratives that are both entertaining and thought-provoking. One of the things I took away from this book was how the independent young actor managed to respect his parents’ wishes but also made his own decisions about life. His urging to respect those around you, to find good mentors, and always be prepared to learn more is something I think more people could stand to remember. All in all, the book makes the wise point that our journey of learning is never really over and only in doing our best and living wisely can we really enjoy that journey.

This is an excellent read, though I would recommend reading this yourself before handing it off to any of your children. The advice is good for someone at any point in life, though I will say a good portion is best understood when you’ve experienced a bit more of life. I also think there are some questionable points made by a man who often states he “thanks God” for some previously mentioned person or circumstance. Overlooking these, it is an enjoyable enough read that is fairly easy to read through.

Parental Advisory

Language: There are a few uses of “mild” language, which is why I would advise against handing it to your younger children.

Chime Time! What advice books have you read that you read that you found enjoyable or helpful?


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