Book Review: Lucky 8

There’s nothing quite like summer and one of the best parts is reading spooky tales around a campfire or in the backyard under the stars. I recently picked up a great middle-grade series to sate any desires for such reads, written by Lea Taddonio and illustrated by Alessia Trunfio.

For twins Makayla and Liam Park, moving is one thing. Moving into a house that was built on the site of an evil witch is another. When Liam finds a magic eight ball that begins to speak to them, Makayla wants to toss it. That is, until the magic eight ball begins to affect other things, like their new school routine. Little by little, the twins come to discover that the magic eight ball is not what it seems and that the spirit who is controlling it is directly linked to the witch’s curse. The only question – what really happened all those years ago? And where is the evil witch now?

With fun text and colorful illustrations, Lucky 8 is definitely a series worth picking up. The story is simple, yet well thought-out and the main characters are engaging. I will say that these books are super fast reads, so you might find yourself handing these to your first or second graders instead of twelve-year olds [for verification, the text in here is equal to what one might find in one of the level 2 or level 3 beginning reader books available at most public libraries].

Alessia Trunfio of Instagram acclaim does a brilliant job at injecting color and vibrance into this series and Lea Taddonio does a wonderful job with her writing. Either way, I recommend you pick this series up. The lightweight nature of the books make them easy to take with you on a vacation, camping trip, or other fun adventure!

(T.hough as a library employee I highly recommend you return the books before your due date. For your own good).

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