The Boy From Tomorrow

“Hello?” Alec said, starting when the lamp in the corner flickered. Harold laughed. “Look!” Danny said. “It’s moving!” The glass piece made a whispering sound as it glided across the board. Unseen hands directed the pointer to HELLO in the upper left corner…

2015. What began as a silly game with his friends has turned into the most fascinating mystery Alec has ever discovered. When his parents divorce, Alec is relocated to an old home with plenty of history. On his first week in the new house, he and his new friends have fun with an odd “game” board in the attic – that is, until the board seems to work.

1915. Josie hates her life. Her mother, a supposed “psychic”, is a tyrant who rules their home with an iron hand. The only light in her life is her little sister, Cass, and tutor, Emily. When the three girls decide to try out her mother’s spirit board, they are met with a shocking surprise – a boy is talking to them and he claims he’s from the future.

Two times meet as, despite the time barrier between them, they become fast friends. The only problem: Alec knows some of their future and it appears Cass’ doll, Mrs. Gubbins “knows” it too. Questions begin to arise as Alec and Josie attempt to discover what happened to the Clifford girls. Will their abusive mother ever love them? What happens to Josie? And most importantly…whose unmarked tombstone lies in the graveyard?

Chilling and moving, The Boy From Tomorrow is a thrilling tale delving into the mysterious. With its themes of time-traveling, what a family means, and friendship, this is definitely worth a read. The author, Camille DeAngelis, does a wonderful job of weaving a page-turning narrative. For concerned parents, I would wait to hand this book to your children until they are old enough to understand some of the more adult elements, such as a spirit board. The authoress herself puts a note at the end of the book recommending that readers do not use a talking board, a recommendation that I much appreciate. Otherwise, this is a clean read that is entertaining, engaging, and ultimately, thought-provoking.

Chime Time! Comment what your favorite time-bending/traveling is and tell me why!

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