Another Quest for Celeste

Celeste from A Nest for Celeste in this warmhearted new sequel following her adventures as she once again must find a new home. Taken away from her cozy dollhouse home in the attic of a plantation house, Celeste is left with no possible means to get back, especially when carted to the river and taken across by steamboat. Through her adventures, Celeste meets a dog named Rosebud who has seemingly traveled most of the Mississippi river route, a pair of squirrels named Chester and Hazel, and perhaps most remarkably of all, a frontier boy named Abe Lincoln. His kind heart and love for learning warms Celeste’s tender little rodent heart, especially as both help each other to feel more at home in the wild woods. Though Celeste still wishes desperately to return to her home back in Oakley – but, perhaps, just maybe, she’s found a new home?

Henry Cole weaves another magical, animal-centered adventure filled with excitement and stuffed chock-full of historical imagery. This fun adventure is fused with lessons on sacrifice, bravery, and how people’s lives touch each other’s, for however brief a time. It is a wonderful story woven well by the author of the original novel, A Nest for Celeste, which I highly recommend you pick up before reading this one. However, if you’re not in the mood to read the first, Another Quest for Celeste serves excellently as a stand-alone read. Either way, this is definitely a book I would recommend for readers of all ages.

Chime Time! Celeste travels over several states on her journey, but I’m curious how many states most of y’all have been to or lived in! (I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve only been to one other)

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