Black Panther: The Young Prince

Before he became the Black Panther, before he was King of Wakanda, before he fought the Avengers, he was just T’Challa, prince of Wakanda. 

In this prequel story detailing one of T’Challa’s first adventures, author Ronald L. Smith takes us back to the jungle, before bringing us to Chicago, America for an exciting new tale of the young prince’s journey to taking his father’s place.

War is brewing in Wakanda. A group of invaders, led by a rogue scientist by the name of Ulysses Klaw, has begun their attack on the country. With such danger a present threat everyday, T’Chaka, King of Wakanda, decides to send his son and his son’s best friend, M’Baku, away to America. In Chicago, everything is different. T’Challa is no longer a prince and he cannot reveal anything about where he is really from. As they pose as students from Kenya, South Side Middle School is visited by some very unpleasant omens. School bully Gemini Jones may seem like only a kid, but T’Challa knows that he is involved, especially when M’Baku is drawn to mysterious meetings. With the help of his new friends Zeke and Sheila, T’Challa is forced to break his father’s rules, reveal his secrets, and don the mask of the Black Panther – or else Chicago is doomed.

Having not seen the movie yet, I was not sure what sort of characters I was going to meet. However, I was very pleased by those whom I read about in this book. It was an entertaining read and Ronald L. Smith did an excellent job of making sure the book did not fall into the category of mediocre movie-based books. I highly recommend you pick it up, especially if you’ve already watched the film. You will enjoy reading about the younger T’Challa and his path to becoming the king.

Also, go check out my interactive book review on the Scratch website HERE.

Chime Time: T’Challa and his friends speak Wakandan, a made up African language. In real life, we have languages such as Swahili and Arabic. What foreign languages do you know, if any?

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