Disney Parks Presents!

If there’s one thing that seems to encapsulate my childhood, it would have to be Disney. My formative years were spent watching their classic films (and I mean real classics like Snow White and Mary Poppins), reading books stuffed with their magical concept art, listening to their cheerful music, and going to the Disneyland theme park as many times as I could. It seems I couldn’t help but love Disney and that love has only been strengthened the older I’ve got. For this reason, I particularly love finding a treasure that not only reminds me of being a carefree tot, but also is a great way of keeping the classic Disney legacy alive.

This week I’m reviewing two of these such “treasures” in the form of The Disney Parks Presents series. These books are both filled with colorful art and the lyrics of the familiar rides you know. I picked up The Pirates of the Caribbean and It’s a Small World books at my local library and was very pleased to have a sit-down with these two picture books. While Pirates of the Caribbean definitely recalls specific images from the ride, It’s a Small World was much more unique, as the artist’s illustrations were similar to the themes of each section of the ride but were not exact replications. Each is also filled with the familiar lyrics that by now are probably ingrained in each of us somewhat. I guarantee at least five out of ten people will know the phrases “yo, ho, it’s a pirate’s life for me,” “dead men tell no tales,” and “it’s a small world after all” thanks to these classic Disneyland attractions.

For a fun read – whether it be by yourself or with a group of eager children – pick up the Disney Parks Presents series. You will be richly rewarded by wonderful, colorful illustrations and lyrics that will probably make you feel sentimental and start planning your next vacation trip to said theme park. And if you’re not willing to starve for the next ten years just to pay for the passes, take the cheap man’s option and pop in the CDs so generously included with each book. It’ll feel just like you’re on the ride – especially if you happen to have a handy friend who’s willing to push you around in your laundry basket past cardboard boxes.

That’s all for now, but I did have one more question: I have yet to pick up The Haunted Mansion book from this series, but it got me thinking. These three books seem to define the classic Disney ride for most people, but what is your favorite ride? Leave a comment and tell me what ride inspires you the most or just gives you the most thrills!

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4 Responses to Disney Parks Presents!

  1. My favorite would have to be… Mark Twain.

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