Happy New Year!

It has been one great year, everybody. 2017 was definitely a year of changes. I took my first college classes, got a job, finished two more books, and am preparing for another college class starting rather soon in 2018. It’s been a crazy, hectic life and I’m so glad you could all be here with me as I grew, read some great books, and shared them with you.

There have been some great moments from 2017, whether it’s been takes on classic lit characters (such as The Great Shelby Holmes) or sequels to beloved originals (like Missy Piggle-Wiggle), you can never tell what reads have been waiting to discover. And with so many great books already on my waiting list, 2018 is sure to be chock-full of great reads too!

Before we close out to enjoy our New Year’s with family – or just to sleep off all the sparkling cider inhaled – I wanted to take a moment to pray over the year ahead and to thank God for the year behind:

“Dear heavenly father,

Thank you for all you’ve given me over 2017. This is has been such an incredible, amazing year. You’ve blessed me beyond belief and I’m so grateful. Thank You for all the crazy and terrifying changes that have made my life what it has been; thank You for all the opportunities I thought I would fail. Please lay Your hand upon this nation, this people, and this world as we go into a new year. Bless us and help us to keep our eyes fixed on You. In Jesus’ name, 


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