Stepping Out in Style

Hello world! Oh my Disney, this weekend was Dapper Day 2017, the autumn edition. Attendees were dressed to the nines; gents were smart, ladies chic. It was truly a day to travel back in time.

Dressed in a vintage Donald Duck Disneybound and excited for the day ahead, my parents and I entered. From the stage, 1940’s music filled the hall. All around us was the fun spirit of the past, captured in the folks garbed in their finest. It’s easy to feel elegant or classy in such an atmosphere.

Most booths sold dapper daywear, including
fashionable accessories such as pins, cuff links,
hankies, and hats. A particular booth sold clever Disney villain inspired stickers which I particularly liked. One of the biggest booths featured was a vintage makeup collection from Besame, who partnered with Disney to make their Snow White-based line. The
packaging was beautiful and the salespersons very amicable. All the ladies wore Snow White Disneybounds, each personalized in a unique way.



Many of those at the event were dressed so nice I couldn’t resist asking for photographs. All were gracious enough to allow me to capture their images.

A clever 1920’s Maleficent inspired Disneybound
A vendor at a Unicorn Crafts booth. Her outfit was so cute!
A prim but fun Disneybound inspired by Jane from Tarzan.
Yet another stylish Disneybound, this one based off of Jasmine.
Another gracious saleslady from the Besame booth

At one particular booth, I met Tiffany Mink, you tuber of the former Thingamavlogs channel and her current personal stream Tiffany Mink. She was particularly kind. letting me take her picture and taking a picture with me. She also thoughtfully let me have a Thingamavlogs pin.

In addition to fun meet ups, there were several unique readers, leather-workers, and photographers, we viewed before leaving. After validating parking via Starbucks coffee and treats, we headed out. Though saying goodbye to Disneyland is always bittersweet, there will be plenty of memories to savor.

Happy Dapper Day, ya’ll!


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