The Van Gogh Deception

No one knows his name. No one knows where he belongs. No one knows who he is.

Not even him.

And what no one really knows is what might just get this mysterious boy killed. Arthur (as the tag on his jacket is labeled) can’t remember anything, but he knows things. Weird things. He knows what Paris is like. He knows what minerals are used in hundred year old paints. And he somehow knows everything about the long-lost Van Gogh collection that is opening at the National Gallery of Art. What he doesn’t know is why in the past 24 hours, everything has been turned upside down. A mysterious piece of plastic, kidnapping, and frantic escape are just parts of the startling revelation taking place. Filled with twists and turns, Art is not sure who he is and what he knows – but it’s enough to get him killed.

Deron Hicks adeptly weaves an enchanting tale of intrigue and suspense. In this race against time, readers must try to decipher the clever clues dropped and uncover the truth with the two resourceful main characters, Camille and Art. It is a thrill ride of a story with twists and turns cleverly written to throw readers for a loop. As the daughter of an artist and art enthusiast/museum lover, I admit that I probably had much more of an advantage than most kids, for whom this book is meant to introduce them to art and art history. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed it and highly recommend this book for readers of all levels. A warning to younger readers though: it is a bit thick if you’re used to simpler reads. Also, for art lovers or just curious perusers, there are codes to be scanned so that kids can learn more about the art throughout.

Chime Time! Have you read any art mysteries, such as Chasing Vermeer or Masterpiece? If so, leave a comment and tell me what it was!


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