Around the World in 100 Days

the Wager: £6, 000

the Year: 1891

the Terms: 100 days; to circle the entire globe in an automobile.

the Vehicle: The Flash, a custom-built, steam-powered motorcar.


Harry has a talent for disappointing his father, the world-renowned Phileas Fogg. A drop-out of Eton, a non-conformer to English nobility, and an avid car enthusiast, Harry Fogg is anything but the proper gentleman his family expects him to be. When an associate of his father’s mocks the Flash, an ingenious automobile that he and his best friend Johnny have put all their time into, Harry makes a wager that will affect his future forever: a race. And not just any race. A world tour in only 100 days. To beat out competition might be incredibly difficult. To circumnavigate the entire globe in only a motorcar is an impossible feat. Along with Johnny (his mechanic and friend), Charles Hardiman (the son of one of his enemies), and the mysterious Elizabeth (a plucky and quick-witted newspaper reporter), Harry has one shot of proving himself to not only to his father, but to the world itself. The clock is ticking. On your marks…Get set….Race!

Inspired by the true ventures of Nelly Bly and George Train and Jules Verne’s classic book Around the World in 100 Days, Gary Blackwood’s sweeping adventure novel will have you in the seat of the Flash, hanging on for dear life, and hoping for the outcome. The book is well-told and well-paced, filled with all you’d expect from a sequel to the original story. Fans of his work and similar adventure novels will enjoy the feisty characters, various misadventures, and general mischief that the book delivers.



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