Disney Art

What with my recent binge on all things Disney, I thought I’d take a break from reviewing today to show you some art I’d done in the recent past. The first is from the Disney Descendants Fan Art contest. Sadly, I didn’t win, but I’m proud of the finished product all the same:

I did it over the weekend, quite literally minutes after I found out about the contest. After discovering that the grand-prize winner could earn a trip to Disneyland, I jumped up and sketched my concept. I grabbed the light-board soon after and completed my clean version. My Pop then generously helped me scan it and import it into our computer. Since he’s an artist himself, he helped me to understand lighting and shading for the piece. Though I didn’t win, I’m happy with the finished art and proud that I could have completed something that looks anything like I imagined it.


The next couple pieces of art are just sketches that I did to pass the time. I was reading a lot of books about Edwardian, Victorian, and colonial history when I did these, as you can tell by their getups: 

I did these a while back, perhaps even a year ago. With all the drawing I’ve been doing recently, I almost forgot about these. When drawing them I tried to remain consistent with clothing style of the time, stretching reality just a bit for characters with certain important heritage (Pocahontas, Merida) and certain costume looks that are identifiable (brighter colors, longer hair, etc.).

Tell me down below which drawings you liked better and who’s your favorite Disney princess and/or Descendant!






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