Sweet Sixteen OR The Scariest Number Ever

Some people dread those little gray hairs they find in the mirror. Some people think that if they turn twenty, their life will truly begin – free from all parental supervision. Some wish they weren’t so old…when they turn thirty. Some people are jumping around, dancing, and enjoying life at 90.

And some, like me, balk at the scariest number in the world.


Now, you’d think like most girls my age, I want to grow up. I get to wear heels, makeup, drive, get a job, go out with boys, and basically become a grownup. Fun, huh? Except everything just mentioned terrifies me. I have yet to master the art of looking graceful in a one-inch heel, I have no idea what most of the makeup brushes are for or how to use half of the products, the only time I’ve tried to park the car I thought I’d have a heart attack, I don’t want to get a job quite yet, and going out with boys is best reserved for when I’m an adult who can actually take it seriously.

As I’ve gotten older and that number has gotten closer, I’ve become more and more nervous. Grownup? Who said anything about being a grownup, I want to be a kid! Recently though, I read a book by a very limber 90-year old who reminded me about part of any growing stage. In his book Keep Moving, Dick Van Dyke reminds all of us – though the book is primarily for those in the older category – that life is meant to be enjoyed no matter where you’re at. Keep smiling, keep moving, and keep giving back. It inspired me, because he is about seventy-four years older than me and yet it definitely made me think.

All those things I just mentioned? Mere challenges. Heels? I’ll wear them so well I’ll be able to do karate in them. Makeup? I’ll research and fine-tune it for myself. Driving? Once I get over the initial few moments of “I’m going to crash!”, I’ll enjoy it. Job? Okay, so maybe that’s a mountain I’ve yet to climb, but still. Everything I’ve just brought up is part of the growing stage that I should be enjoying. I can’t ever get my highschool years back, so I’m going to delight in them while I can. Maybe I lose the ability to elbow little kids out of the way for an Easter egg and maybe wearing a plastic princess crown looks far less-attractive, but hey – no one can say I didn’t have fun while it lasted.

Before I close this post, I’d like to take a moment to pray. Would you please pray over my sixteenth year with me?

                       “Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for all the blessings You’ve heaped upon me. My life is the best kind of crazy and I thank You for every moment of it. As I grow older and go out into the world, I pray that You would protect me and keep me safe. I pray that I would become wise and strong, and that I would grow in You. And so, Lord, I just close this prayer with thanks and a hope that I can grow to become something good. Amen.” 

Thanks for joining me this week and I leave you all with this quote that I love:

“Even though you’re growing up, you should never stop having fun.”

-Nina Dobrev


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4 Responses to Sweet Sixteen OR The Scariest Number Ever

  1. Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

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