My Inspiration

Normally, I’d do a post on books that I’ve read from the Summer Reading Program. I’ve got a post already planned out for next week (hint: it involves several adventure series, combined with a good deal of fantasy…) But today, I want to talk about part of what makes me, well – me.

Here’s to the most inspirational woman I know. Who suffers through it all and has somehow managed to keep on waking up every morning acting like Mary Poppins. She teaches, cleans, cooks, manages, schedules, overplans, and listens to us. She overachieves, pushes us to our limits, and drives me crazy with all the planning that she does (which I will always eventually thank her for). If there is one person in this world I would like to be, I’d pick my mom (sorry, Pop, but it’d be a bit awkward to have a goatee on my chin…). She is an endless source of inspiration for me. Her long-suffering, her charm, her wit, and most importantly, her love are always there for me. 

And when I get jealous of her good looks – well, at least everyone says I look exactly like her, right?

Thanks to the greatest woman in the whole world. I couldn’t have made it here without you.

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4 Responses to My Inspiration

  1. Aw; you’re both very sweet! Thank you, honey.

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