Mama Seeton’s Whistle

I recently found this book at the library. SO cute and such a well illustrated, good read.

One day as Mama Seeton came out to call her young son, Skippy, she couldn’t find him. mammaseetonThough she looked everywhere, he wasn’t to be found. And that’s when it happened. Without even thinking about it, she puckered her lips and whistled. Though the whistle wasn’t fancy or loud, Skippy Seeton heard it and came.  From then on, when Mama Seeton came onto the back porch and whistled, he came. And when Sheldon, Stewart, and Sophie came along, the whistle called them too. As they grew older, the Seeton kids would wander all over town. But whenever Mama came onto that back porch, chocolate cake in hand and whistle ready, they would come. The years went by and the Seeton kids grew up. They left Mama Seeton to become big adults. And thought she was happy for them, Mama missed the old times. She longed to touch a face. Finally, Papa urged her to stand on the back porch and whistle. “Are you goofy?” She asked. He smiled. “If you just pretend it’s the old days maybe you’ll feel better.” So Mama Seeton whistled. It wasn’t fancy. It wasn’t loud. But it brought the Seeton kids back home.

This book was so sweet and so well illustrated. I love that it’s a period piece (somewhere around the 50s or 60s) and the family story. One of the best picture books I’ve read in a while. I highly recommend it, even to adults. It’s a warm story that will touch your heart and if that doesn’t get you, I’m sure the colorful illustrations will.

Chime Time: Is there any significant quirk of your childhood that you still remember?



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