Word of Mouse

“No matter the temperature, home is always colder when there’s no family to share it with.” -Isaiah

In a mad dash to escape the terrible labs where he’s been raised, Isaiah is separated from 516gwmzh4cl-_sx342_bo1204203200_his family. Alone in the suburbs and the outside world for the first time, he must survive on his own. With the help of the charming Mikayla and her mischief, Isaiah finds his courage and becomes a great mouse in his own right. But blue-furred and different as he is, he may never fit into the mouse world. But with the meeting of a human girl named Hailey, Isaiah discovers the human world, where not all two-legged creatures are out to stick a needle into him. Armed with the truth about his situation and newfound bravery, Isaiah determines it’s time to rescue his family – once and for all.

This new children’s book is a delightful read. Full of funny quips, quotes, and sayings from the plucky Isaiah, Word of Mouse is a delight that will warm all hearts and make you want to read more of his story. For a huge animal lover, this book ranks high on my list of animal reads. Definitely time spent wisely, I will come back to this book more than once.

Chime Time! What’s your favorite animal book?

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One Response to Word of Mouse

  1. Hmmm… Good question. I’d have to say Miss Bianca.

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