The Great Shelby Holmes

“Every writer needs a good story to tell.”

So are the words of John Watson, our guide in this new book for kids. Fun, intriguing, and full of great storytelling moments, this book was a refreshing break from the more serious novels I’ve found, surprisingly enough, in the children’s section. Shelby Holmes is a truly one-of a kind spin-off of our the famous detective. Here is a brief synopsis:

John Watson has never stayed in one place for long. He and his mom are always moving 9781681190518from place to place and this move’s been especially hard, what with his parents’ divorce. This time though, there aren’t a whole lot of new kids eagerly waiting to be best friends with him. Instead there is the plucky, inestimable Shelby Holmes. Despite her obvious annoyance with “Watson”, as she has dubbed him, Shelby becomes his companion and guide through NYC. As a kidnapping takes place and all mayhem breaks loose, Watson invites us to join him on his adventure with Shelby. And maybe Shelby will learn something along the way.

Like I said before, this was a refreshing book. Nowadays I feel that children’s authors can take themselves too seriously, writing books about more tragic and down to earth situations. As a reader (and writer), my goal in reading is escapism. I live life; I want to enjoy something I can’t live. Shelby Holmes brought a perfect blend of mystery, humor, and know-how to the detective genre – at least for kids. I can’t wait to read about more of her exploits.

Chime Time: Who’s your favorite fictional detective? My own personal favorite is Columbo, played by the brilliant Peter Falk.


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