Miracle on 34th Street

There are many books that capture the Christmas spirit perfectly. I have made a tradition of reading A Christmas Carol  for the past few years, reading a stave a week, up until Christmas Day, upon which I read Stave Five. This year I was delighted to discover that one of my favorite Christmas movies was also a book. I picked up this read recently and was 51di5hxpbl-_sx339_bo1204203200_not disappointed.

Once upon a time (or so it would seem) on a cold, wintery day, one small old man named Kris Kringle becomes Santa Claus. The rest is history. Almost word-for-word with the 1947 version, starring Maureen O’Hara and a young Natalie Wood, this book is a charming read. The story is told in an entertaining narrative and there are several scenes in the book which were not visualized in film. In the end, I found myself cheering for the doubter-turned-believer little Susan, good old “uncle” Fred, and Saint Nick himself.

The book I got also had a historical note upon the book’s publication, the writer, and other relevant information. I enjoyed reading about the book’s beginnings and I’m sure you will too. This book is also great for being read aloud as the chapters are fairly short, simple, and easy to follow. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to be put in the Christmas mood.

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