The Adventurer: Staff of Emperors – A Fan Fiction Sequel – Part 1

First off, a very Happy, if belated, Thanksgiving to you all! I hope that your day was filled with fun, family, laughter, and good memories.

Today I return with the first part of my fan fiction sequel. If you recall last week’s post, I discussed the movie and book upon which this sequel is based. Since then I have written several portions. For now, here is the first part of my story.


Egypt, 1865

As the hot sun shone down on the ruins of an unnameable pharoah, three young people watched a crew of men burying wrapped items in the sand. The tallest of the three, a handsome young man, watched as a long box was lowered down deep into the earth, then buried so it could not be found. His mouth was curved into a smile, but his eyes were cold.

Next to him, the young Catherine Norton shivered despite the heat. She knew only too well the pull of power that could come from those dangerous artifacts. Thank goodness, the bureau of antiquities was there, she thought.

The last of the trio, William Charity, glanced at his two friends. For once in his life, he was glad to get away from the place. It didn’t feel right. There was something wrong, something seductive that had been pulling his friend Charles into its grasp…something they needed to escape.

The crew was done, the treasure buried. Hopefully it wouldn’t bediscovered, for a very long time.

Later that day, Catherine packed for the boat back to England. It felt like forever since she’d seen the familiar roads and buildings; it would be good to get back. As she moved at a furious pace, she heard a familiar knock on the door. Smiling, she straightened.

“Come in, Will,” she called. screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-7-07-41-pm

The young man came in, curly hair stuck to his head.

“It’s bloody hot out there,” he panted, wiping his forehead.

“That’s usually why you stay inside,” Charles said dryly as he stepped into the room behind.

Catherine closed her suitcase, looking around the room for the last time. For a minute, she wondered if she’d miss Egypt. After all, she might never return, especially not if she was to be married to Charles

Will offered her that easy smile of his, straightening his traveling jacket. Near the door, Charles seemed preoccupied with his own thoughts, a dark look in his eyes that made her turn cold.

“Are you all right?” She asked in concern.

He offered her a thin-lipped smile. “Of course. Just thinking of those artifacts we returned.”

If Will had been different, he might have bristled. As it was, his grip on his cane tightened.

“It was for the best, Charles,” he said casually, eyes never straying to his friend’s face. “Do you really think that much power is advisable in the hands of any man?”

“For some,” the taller youth replied with a smile that chilled Catherine to the bone. “I certainly would have liked to give it a go.”

She spoke up quickly. “Lets not quarrel. The bureau did what was right and we followed orders admirably. That’s what’s important, yes?”

Will nodded amiably and after a moment, Charles followed suit, reluctantly.

“Yes, of course,” he smiled.

She relaxed, turning to put on her hat as there came a knock on the door.

“Who’s that?” She asked, gaze still fixed on her reflection as she pulled on a traveling coat.

“Package,” Charles said simply.

Katherine watched as he signed off for it, signing as he usually did with his grandfather’s name. Charles Mundhi was usually so composed, but she thought she saw something tense in the way he signed, with a slashing G.

They left together, but Catherine had enough time to look back and see the sun glinting off the pyramids’ surface. Charles never looked back, but he still had tense shoulders. She was thankful they were leaving.

There are some treasures never meant to be found.

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