The Adventurer: Staff of Emperors – A Fan Fiction Sequel – Introduction

At the beginning of this year, my mom found a movie on Netflix titled The Adventurer: Curse of the Midas Box. She suggested it to me and my pop. We decided to give it a go and, to our surprise, found it to be a highly enjoyable movie with wonderful cinematography, a well-paced story, and engaging characters. Though I wouldn’t rank it amongst my most favorite movies in the universe, it’s definitely up there. Here’s the trailer for anyone interested:

I enjoyed the movie a great deal and decided to read the novel upon which the movie was based, by G.P. Taylor.

Midas Box book cover

Though I enjoyed the book, I found that the movie held my attention much more and that I was drawn more to the film’s storyline, which differs slightly from the book.

The cliffhanger ending in the film left me wanting more, however, to my disappointment, there wasn’t a sequel. Because of this, I decided to write my own fan fiction sequel based off of the film’s storyline.

As a side note, I apologize for any continuity errors I may commit. In writing this sequel, I am trying to adhere to the film’s world as best as I can.

With that having been said, I will only be posting as I write, hopefully once a week. The posts will be numbered for convenience’s sake and you can find each entry under the sidebar menu.

Look for my first entry soon!

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