Nelly Bly: A Name to Be Reckoned With

As a younger girl, I was a huge fan of Nelly Bly. To me she stood up there along with several historical heroes. Today I don’t read much about her, but I do find her life story pretty amazing. I picked this biography up last week and enjoyed it immensely.

In 1885, Elizabeth Cochrane stopped in front of the offices of a newspaper office. At this time in life, many men openly mocked women who wanted careers. Angry at such speeches and statements, “Pink”, as she was fondly known, stopped in to the offices of a 51vrjkf25rl-_sx311_bo1204203200_Pennsylvania newspaper to give them her opinion. What followed was one of the most remarkable newspaper careersin history. Elizabeth changed her name to Nelly Bly and became one of the foremost reporters of her time, speaking out against injustice and unfair treatment of others. She went to Mexico for six months and pretended to be insane so she could get the inside scoop on the treatment of patients at asylums of the period. But one of her most daring ventures was her trip around the world. Nelly Bly became the first person and the first woman to go around the world in less than eighty days. For the time in which she lived, that was a feat. And small Elizabeth Cochrane, who had come from a small background and built herself up, became Nelly Bly, a name to be reckoned with.

A fun read, this informative biography will delight anyone who enjoys reading about the escapades of an enterprising woman who became great in her own right and who changed the way others looked at her. I highly recommend this for readers who want a factual read told in an engaging narrative, accompanied by lovely illustrations.


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