Star Wars Series

If you’re looking to enjoy some Star Wars literature that expands the universe, these three series are perfect for you!

tumblr_inline_mli10tvxl21qz4rgpJedi Apprentice explores the past of one of Star Wars’ most intriguing heroes: Obi-Wan Kenobi. This series takes us back to when he was only a thirteen year old, without a master and close to being booted from the Jedi Order. Qui-Gon, having recently suffered the loss of his previous apprentice turning to the dark side, is not ready to take another padawan, especially one so young, eager, and brash. Discover how the two became Master and apprentice, reaching out to fight a dangerous threat from Qui-Gon’s past that has now come back to haunt them both – or worse!

Jedi Quest delves into the period between Episode I and pathtotruthEpisode II. Documenting Anakin’s growth into the more mature apprentice we see in Episode II, this series is a delight for anyone who’s read the previous series. New characters will be introduced that fans will want to read more about, such as fellow apprentice Tru, gambler Didi, and others.  This series also illustrates how clearly Obi-Wan does not trust himself to teach Anakin and shows the reader the growth of friendship between the two that we see so clearly in the last two movies.

the_desperate_mission_legendsLast of the Jedi is set after Order 66, when the Jedi were “purged” from the galaxy. Or were they? This series is set about fourteen years before A New Hope and centers around an entirely new hero: Ferus Olin, former Jedi apprentice, now Rebel against the Empire. This series re-introduces Obi-Wan to the apprentice and also brings back favorite characters from the previous two series. This series is also crucial in setting up the Rebel Alliance. It’s ending is bittersweet, but I really enjoy the series. There are ten books in all.

Star Wars: Rebel Force is placed shortly after the events of Episode IV. With the Empire on the hunt for the pilot who brought down the Death Star, it’s only a matter of time before someone catches up to Luke. But that someone is not even a person anymore. X-7 is a pawn of the commander, rebelforcetargetblank and empty. And ready to kill. Characters from the previous three series crop up in this series as well, although the books are mainly centered around the main heroes of the original Star Wars trilogy. What I love about this series is that we get an insight into the thoughts of the characters. My personal favorite view is from Han’s POV. He is so blunt and honest and always funny.

For fans of the Star Wars movies, this will be a great series to read. It adds to the movies without distracting or being inaccurate. In fact, I think it enhances the movies to me, being able to image adventures outside of the screen world. What are your thoughts?

May the Force be with you!


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