The Nameless City

I recently picked up this graphic novel at our local library. I didn’t expect to like it and was hesitant to get it, but when I finally read it, I was richly rewarded.

Kaidu has just come to the great city of Daidu, a rich city by the sea, which is surrounded on all sides by enemies. Every people has a different name for the city because it has been conquered and renamed so many times. Here he is to train so one day he may protect Daidu and keep it for the current emperor. He is also introduced to his father, whom he 91n3yewl7clhas never met, a general in the Dao army. Encouraged to explore on his own, Kaidu comes across a girl named Rat. Through a theft, chase, and fight, the two become friends, with Kaidu bringing Rat food in exchange for training in the art of what we would call “parkour”. During their training, Kaidu and Rat discover unrest in the city, at its heart a plot to overthrow the Dao! The conclusion is thrilling and satisfying at the same time. The Nameless City is a wonder-filled book and a delightful read with a fast-paced story, engaging characters, and colorful art.

I’ve never read the author’s work before, but Faith Erin Hicks has gained my approval for this wonderful graphic novel. Younger comic readers who enjoy a good story will devour this book without fear of any crudity or other problems within. Parents, I would actually advise giving this a try too, you might enjoy it! All in all, The Nameless City was a great read and I would highly recommend it to anyone, regardless of age.

Tell me what you think of this book!

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