Pirate Hunters

Recently I was in a Peter Pan/piratey mood and was consuming a great deal of literature on those two topics. I found the first two books of this series at the library and found them to be fun and well-paced reads:

51ZD30EBYKLThe first book, Mutiny, takes place in the 1680’s, during the beginning of the Golden Age of Piracy. Davy Shea, an orphan, is being sent to live with his uncle Patrick, who is a surgeon. Though his situation is not remarkable, he has hope that his life will be better with his uncle. But his new home proves to be more challenging to face than he thought for on his first day there he is robbed, beaten, and almost arrested! Davy soon learns to navigate his way with his uncle Patrick, who is fondly called “Patch” by all his patients, and how to avoid the innkeeper’s daughter, Jessie. But a voyage aboard a ship, a mutiny, and a coming hanging soon change Davy’s whole perspective of the world as he finds himself aboard a pirate ship!


The second book, The Guns of Tortuga, Davy, along with his uncle and captain, William 51DuvRxk23LHunter, is still on the lookout for the notorious Jack Steele. Despite the fact that they are on the king’s mission, Uncle Patch grows increasingly nervous about their lives. When they attack a Spanish ship and are damaged in the short battle, the crew is forced to stop at the island of Tortuga. There, M du Pont offers to help – for a certain price. Patch is sent to attend to a mysterious prisoner, who turns out to be the former captain of their crew! To discover what exactly is going on, Davy charts his own path, only to find multiple twists and turns waiting for him along the way – including Jack Steele himself!

This series was great, I found it to be highly captivating and historically accurate. Brad Strickland and Thomas E. Fuller did a fantastic job of drawing the reader into a world lost long ago. I will have to find the third book and review the (hopefully) stunning conclusion.

Chime Time: Have you ever read this series or one very similar? One of my favorite pirate series is the Young Jack Sparrow series and the Legends of the Brethren Court series!

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