The Way the Cookie Crumbled

A special thanks to Kathy Temean and Jody Jensen Shaffer for sending me this lovely book!  I received this from a giveaway on one of the blogs I follow and was delighted to find that the book does not disappoint!

the-way-the-cookie-crumbled-9781481461801_lgThe Way the Cookie Crumbled is a fun book, full of interesting facts and colorful illustrations. Kids who love to learn, love sugar, or just love reading in general will want to devour this lovely Ready-to-Read book. Did you know Queen Elizabeth I loved gingerbread cookies and had them specially made to look like her advisors? Or that the world’s biggest pick for its favorite cookie is an Oreo?

This entertaining, easy to read book is a wonderful way to introduce your children to the arresting world of nonfiction without bogging them down with excessive amounts of text. I found it to be an interesting book chock full of sweets to capture your attention! Parents will have a delightful time reading this, especially with younger kids who are just starting on their journey into the world of literature.

Again, a shoutout to any who have read this book! What did you think?

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