American Girl: Baking

I recently picked up this book while volunteering at the local library. Enjoy!

Partnered with Williams-Sonoma (a favorite store of ours), American Girl produced this lovely books filled to the brim with recipes for fun cupcakes, crispy cookies, and sugary treats. The book takes you through the process of making your own sweets, step-by-step! It’s got colorful pictures to illustrate what the final product should look like and has useful tips on what variations you could do to make the baking a bit more enjoyable and delicious. For any would-be baker, this is a fabulous book. american-girl-for-williams-sonoma-baking-cookbook-o

Have I ever mentioned I love Williams-Sonoma? They’ve got the best baking pans (madeleines, bunt pans like honeycombs, cathedral windows, etc.), baking tools (they had a super cool soda machine), and other awesome supplies. We used to take kids classes in the mornings at our local mall, where Williams-Sonoma is located. They were remarkable, supporting and teaching us how to make awesome little snacks and sending us home with a treat and useful skills.

As for American Girl, I have a long-standing love of it. They support the family ethic, promote hard work, and wholeheartedly broadcast good morals. They produce splendid movies every year and have been the subject of many friends’ birthday parties. I think this books was wonderful, as I know many young friends who have expressed a desire to bake well.

Again, this book was just remarkable. I used it to make a whole batch of chocolate madeleines, part of which I took to the librarians as a thank you. Talk about coming full circle! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn how to bake. For the older girls in the household, I would advise rolling up your sleeves and trying to make something simple on your own! It’ll get you used to doing things by yourself and help you get comfortable. For younger girls, talk to mom or your older sister and have some fun working with someone older who can help you.

Shout out to anyone who’s used this book. Tell me what you’ve made and what you’ve learned!

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2 Responses to American Girl: Baking

  1. Jen says:

    Thanks for the review! Bet that would be a good bday gift for older girls too! Jen @ DollsBetweenUs

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