They were so happy. So thrilled. They were fifteen, old enough to strut around with more authority. Able to do more wonderful teenage things – whatever those were. And the ironic thing is that I couldn’t help but wonder….why?

Reading books about kids becoming young adults, I always found myself challenged by Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 9.41.19 AMthe thought of excitement about growing up. I’m sure for those of us who are blessed by having been raised in a fun environment, we dread the thought of growing up. What?! I don’t want to pay bills, go house-hunting! And yet many kids I know are excited to grow up. They can’t wait to go out into the big wide world and explore.

I’m of a different calibre. I like being a kid, goofing around, being able to imagine and play without being told that I need to be sensible. Heck, I even like the chores. All we have to do is clean bathrooms and dust! Parents, can you spell “bills” or “dishes”? Yeah, being a kid is pretty great. And to be honest, the idea of growing up used to scare me. Okay, I’m lying. It still kind of scares me, if I’m being entirely truthful.

But y’know, I’ve come to realize that it isn’t all bad either. Sure, you give up the leisure of being a kid. But you also get the chance to earn people’s respect and the opportunity for others to see you stand on your own two feet – sometimes to see you away from your family and determine your character. You get to grow in strength. And – prayerfully – God instills some new character-building exercises in your life, helping you to become a better person.

I’ve learned a lot just from the time I was twelve. I write better, I draw better. I even play guitar better! There’s a lot good about being fifteen. And sure, there are going to be days when you’ll feel ready to throw a tantrum or hide in your closet. I don’t think those days ever go away. But the good part about being fifteen is that everyone’s been there. And my parents are always there to remind me that they (shocking as it may sound) were my age too once upon a time. And hey, who says being fifteen means giving up your sense of play, good fun, and imagination?

“Laughter is timeless,

Imagination has no age,

And dreams are forever,”

Walt Disney


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6 Responses to Fifteen…Yay?

  1. Happy belated birthday! Have you read the short story “Eleven” by Sandra Cisneros? I think you would appreciate its theme. You can find a PDF available at this link:

    • trinitygrau says:

      No, I have not. Thank you for the link though, I will have to check it out!

    • trinitygrau says:

      Aww, how sad! Somedays I feel like that. Days when I feel like I’m still five or seven and I want to run to my parents because it’s so much easier than being a big girl.

      • I’ve loved that story ever since reading it in AP English in high school. I like the idea of being every age we’ve ever been. Some days I have to have an adult day and go to work, but other days it’s nice to have a 10-year-old day and daydream on a swing.

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