Cars No Longer

So, I know this probably sounds a little weird, but hear me out.

I drew the characters of Disney-Pixar Cars as humans.

I interpreted it based on their character, not exactly how they look in the movie. I tried to add as much history and culture to them as possible. For example, I thought Mater might be a little closer to McQueen’s age than in the movies (actually I have no idea what age he’s supposed to be). I thought Sally might wear a dress suit because she’s a lawyer.


The King just has to look very retro and dignified, so I gave him a Reed Richards’ stripe of white on his temples. For his wife I thought she’d also look like she dresses from a different generation.


Ramone was dressed to look like the actor who voices him in a movie my dad saw from when the actor was younger. I pictured Flo looking partly motown – 70’s type style, so I gave her a kind of afro.


And for Flynn McMissile and Holly Shiftwell, I made him look like his voice actor, the talented Michael Caine. My dad helped me to look up pictures of him when he was younger and that’s what we based him off of. Holly was supposed to look like a character from a 60s through early 70s spy show. I gave her freckles only because she exudes a sense of youth and innocence to me that I thought went well with the freckles. Plus, freckles are just cute to me.


Tell me what you think of my cars-turned-humans!

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