Sticking to a Genre

It wasn’t just me right?

Going over my own finished or started manuscripts, I found, to my alarm, that most of what I’m writing is only two genres: fantasy and adventure/mystery. Why? I’ve often thought up ideas that happened in space or had to do with aliens. So why hadn’t I pursued that?

I often wonder in reading my favorite authors, if they feel the same way. “This is failsafe, I Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 2.26.21 PMknow how to do this so I’ll just stick to it.” Now I’m not saying that’s necessarily bad, but are we, as writers, limiting ourselves? Instead of expanding and trying new things, are we simply sticking to what we know we’re good at? Or is this just a simple case of “this is what I like so I’m doing it.” For me, I’d have to say I always feel like the latter is the case. If I came up with an awesome outer space or steampunk story that I cared deeply about putting out there, I’d write it. But I haven’t.

I often wonder if because we write a certain genre so much, that we get into a rut of thinking in those terms. “Ooh, there’s a good mystery here.” “Oooh, I could make there be a bunch of magical creatures living on this deserted island.” Instead of thinking of some other such genre, we tend to stick to our forte.

Chime Time: Tell me if you think sticking to a genre is helpful or if it’s somewhat constricting. Again, I feel I write what I like, but maybe you have thoughts on that! Let me know what you think!

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