Zodiac Legacy

The Zodiac Legacy is a great series of books that is relatively new. I found this first book when it came out at our local library and recently read the second book. This is my review of the series so far:

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 6.59.28 PMConvergence introduces us to Steven Lee, a fourteen year old American-Chinese kid whose only interests seem to be comics and spending time with his grandfather. However, on an extraordinary school field trip to a museum in China, Steven is thrown into unusual circumstances that send him straight into what appears to be one of his comic books. Quite quickly, he realizes that this isn’t a comic and the powers of the Zodiac are far more dangerous than they appear. But what is going on? And what are the powers of the Zodiac?

The Dragon’s Return brings us to the Zodiacs home base a yearScreen Shot 2016-05-22 at 6.58.38 PM after the events of Convergence. Steven is still learning how to work with his team: the shy, but sweet Kim who he values a lot; the introverted Duane, a genius in disguise; the feisty Roxanne, an ex-rockstar; the hard-headed Liam, the Ox; and Jasmine, the reclusive but dangerous Dragon. As Steven attempts to learn more about his powers, the Tiger, he discovers secrets and a powerful enemy turned friend. Is all what it seems? And what is their old nemesis really up to? Are they dormant? Or is there something lurking beneath the strange incidents that are beginning to occur?

Convergence is the first in the series. This is the “origin story” as superhero fans would call it. And indeed, superhero fans might be drawn to this series because it was created by Stan Lee himself! Written masterfully by Stuart Moore and illustrated by Andie Tong, the Zodiac Legacy is a great read for those kids who’ve been dying to read superhero stories without all the junk that today comics unfortunately so often have.

WARNING: There is one swear word used in the first book and a couple more in the second book. This could be just that the author, being an adult and comic writer, did not think to edit it out or just that the book should have been placed in the Young Adults section; I don’t know. But for parents who have younger kids or who want to be careful about what their children are reading, you should know. Other than that, these books are great reading.

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