Bats in the Band

Brian Lies happens to be one of my favorite authors and illustrators. He is funny, creative, and his books always have a sense of whimsy that any good children’s book should have. His most recent installment of his Bats series is Bats in the Band.

In this colorful book, the bats join for a fun concert to indulge in some old-fashioned entertainment. The story and illustrations clearly captivate the joy of absorbing good tunes and lively performances. And, as always, Lies’ captivating little bat with the yellow life preserver pops up throughout various illustrations.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 5.35.34 PM

Bats in the Band

Celebrating the joy of creating music, this book was particularly interesting to me, because I have in the last few years picked up a second instrument in addition to already learning piano. Playing guitar is so much fun and in Brian Lies’ bio, I discovered he also plays banjo,  an instrument I have always loved. Recently, I have gained an interest in trying to play and have been watching videos and practicing finger picking exercises. Someday, I hope to learn banjo. An even more fun activity would be to play with some kids from our local homeschool group, so keep your fingers crossed.

All in all, Bats in the Band was a happy, delicious celebration of the world of music that I think will captivate readers, young and old alike, everywhere. Here’s to you Brian Lies, I lift my virtual glass in acknowledgement: You are truly still one of my favorite book authors.

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