The Land of Stories

It occurs to me that I’ve never mentioned this wonderful series to ya’ll and since I love it so much and the fourth just recently came out, I’ll bring you folks up to date. Be forewarned: it is SUPER complicated, so leave now if you have a hard time with detailed plots.

Book #1 – The Wishing Spell: Alex and Conner are your average eleven year old twins until they discover a secret about an old book of fairytales. Suddenly, they are sucked into a magical world filled with the fairytale characters that has many secrets and a bitter villain lurking on the horizon. But the most shocking part of being there is going to be the realization that the twins are more connected to this world than they know.

Book #2 – The Enchantress Returns: In this story, the twins are back in their own world, but Alex and Conner still long to return to meet their old and make new friends: Froggy, the frog prince who is now falling in love with Red Riding Hood, queen of her own kingdom, Mother Goose, a centuries old party-goer and rambunctious storyteller. When the twins’ mother is kidnapped by an age-old sorceress, the twins must go against their grandmother’s wishes and find a way back to the fairytale world to save not only their mother and friends but our world as well. During their journey, Alex and Conner will have to face danger, magic, and unlock their own potential to defeat one of the most powerful villains the fairytale world has ever seen.

Book #3 – A Grimm Warning: Alex and Conner have gone their separate ways. Alex has stayed behind in the fairytale world to train to become the next Fairy Godmother and Conner has gone on to become a normal eighth grader. While Alex befriends a boy named Rook, a unicorn named Cornelius, and hones her powers, Conner gets the chance to go to Germany, to hear a reading of newly found stories by the Brothers Grimm! Unbeknownst to both of the twins, an ancient army has finally made its way into the fairytale world. Aided by the Masked Man, a shadowy figure that seems to know more about their world than anyone else, the army has only one goal – total destruction. This book has tons of plot twists as well as a shocking ending that will shake readers to the core.

*I will be putting a couple of spoilers in the description of the next book* 

Book #4 – Beyond the Kingdoms: In this book, Alex and Conner have spent months mourning over the death of the previous fairy godmother, their grandmother, and trying to find the Masked Man. During a confusing battle, Alex has an emotional breakdown featuring fairy magic and secrets when she faces their nemesis – the man she believes to be her father. Frustrated by the lack of progress and seemingly no reason for the searches, the fairy council forces Alex to stop. In a show of force, they also un-fairy godmother her. Alex is now a refugee from the government. In the real world, Bree and Emmerich, Conner’s friends, are trying to find out how to return to the fairytale world. During Bree’s investigation, she discovers a portal that will appear between the worlds in one of the most hectic cities in America.

Back in the fairytale world, Red and Froggy are preparing to have their wedding. But when a mysterious witch shows up to steal Froggy at the ceremony, the Masked Man steals books from the royal library, and Alex discovers the truth about the Masked Man, the twins team up once again to stop their nemesis. This time, the twins follow the Masked Man into books. The deeper they go, the more dangerous everything seems, especially when the Masked Man separates the twins and their friends, sending them into different stories. Their adventures will lead to fun and bittersweet memories, while in the fairytale and real world, startling events are going on that will once again change our worlds forever. The twins must find a way back to prevent the catastrophe brewing before it is too late – even if it means giving up their own hopes and futures.

I was literally squealing when I found this book because when I was reading the third book I screamed “No, you can’t do that!” at the end. I was super eager to read this book and was not disappointed. For steadfast fans of the books they go into (The Once and Future KingThe Adventures of Robin Hood and His Merry BandThe Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, and Alice in Wonderland) you’ll be happy to know that the author did not change the personalities of these characters and give them crazy differences. Perhaps this is because the characters are literally going into the books and not into a world where the characters exist together? This seems to be the general reason and the main difference between the characters of the fairytale world and the book worlds.

These books are super terrific, although I will have to warn parents and younger readers that the author did include some bad language, so you may want to censor this before reading. Also, if you’re more like me, there is some mush to it and the third and fourth book does have some romance in it (Blech!). Besides that, these books are super amazing and I highly recommend them!

Until next time guys, write on…

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