Let’s face it, this is an obvious suggestion. I will ALWAYS recommend you read. However, when was the last time you sat down and just read – with no interruptions, no worries, no nada? For me, I find that my reading tends to be rather sporadic and interrupted because life is crazy. This weekend, I had the chance to sit down and just read through an entire book. It was wonderful because it’s not often that I get a chance to do that and it made me realize the importance. While most people will just look at it for its face value, I now realize that there are important reasons to do this more often, if possible.

  1. When reading during a long period, you get more out of the reading time. You feel the emotions of the book more vividly because there’s no interruptions and (hopefully) no one to entertain when you laugh and cry for your favorite characters. It’s a great experience that makes me more pumped up to read, more pumped up to continue the series, and more pumped up in general!
  2. When reading during a long period and getting the chance to savor every sentence, I find I am more inspired to try and write my own stories! It helps me to read and get that inspiring flow of creativity. Yay, writing! It also offers you time to ponder what the author has to offer and what you can take away from the book and hopefully use in your writing.

So, that’s what I got out of such a nice, long reading session. But what do you get out of it? Leave a comment and tell me why you think a reading “session” is so important! Until next time, write on!

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5 Responses to Read

  1. Long reading sessions are hard to come by in my home too. I treasure them though when I have them. For me, it brings the book more alive and I am able to get lost in the world the author is trying to create with their words. All of life’s stresses and responsibilities and struggles get to take a back burner for a time as I dive into the lives and thoughts of the people in the book. It helps me relax and therefore helps me be more ready to resume real life once I close the book. 🙂

  2. I agree, Stripes and Puzzle Pieces. When reading for a length of time, my body is able to better relax. I am not stressed over catching quick glimpses of the story and having to stop amidst a particularly interesting portion of text. Rather, I am free to delve as deep into my imagination as I wish to go.

    Plus, as a mom, it also means I’m getting some peace and quiet. And, how often does THAT happen?

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