The Writing Files: Inspiration Without Perspiration

It’s so hard being a writer without your tools isn’t it? With all my work on my trilogy series on a broken laptop that has yet to be fixed, I feel this agony. Here’s my post on what to do when you have plenty of ideas and no way to write.

Step 1. So you’ve got ideas. Annoying isn’t it (never thought I’d write that)? I find it often helps me to construct scenes in my mind and detail them to the hilt, that way once I can write again I know exactly what I’m doing.

Step 2. Write down your ideas. Make notes and documents about how the settings are, characters are, and plot will go. Cool scenes that you want to slip in, you can write these down as well. Get everything out of your system so you don’t feel like all your writing is bottled up inside.

Step 3. Keep the fire going. While it may be extremely exasperating to have ideas in your head and no way to put them down, make sure you keep the fire going by providing yourself with references and plenty of ways to be creative. Get yourself totally in the mood by watching movies, listen to podcasts, read books, and sketch. Whatever floats your boat, as long as you don’t let your inspirational light die out.

So, I’ll be trying all these methods while my laptop is being fixed. In the meantime, tell me what you do when you’re unable to write, I’d love the suggestions!

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2 Responses to The Writing Files: Inspiration Without Perspiration

  1. It’s amazing how paper and pencil have suddenly gone out of style. Funny, huh?

    • trinitygrau says:

      Well, you have to consider that back in the day that was pretty much the only medium and it took days to write anything. And if your handwriting was terrible, then you couldn’t really communicate your thoughts or have someone read the manuscript. This way’s easier, even if the other way is more elegant. I prefer it when writing poems and short stories.

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