Harry Potter

Now that I’ve finished the series, I’m here to give you my official opinion:


That’s all for today folks! Bye…..Didn’t fool you? Ok, alright, fine. My real review is this:

It was colorful and magical. The characters were rich in background and the story had every plot twist that could be possibly added without muddling the story (in the end). There was plenty of mystery and each book had a more thrilling premise than the last. I have to say though, Quidditch was one of my favorite parts of the first books. The ending satisfied me and I was pleased to finally reach the ending. I am now wholly and thoroughly prepared to watch the movies, which I hope will live up to the books.

The Harry Potter series may not rank highest on my list of favorites, but it definitely has inspired me to write more and to finish what I started. Maybe one day my new trilogy series will become a box-office hit (ok, that’s hoping for a lot). Until that day, I’ll continue reading, writing, and reviewing. Look forward to my review of the Harry Potter movies soon…

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