The Writing Files: Planned

When reading the Harry Potter series, there are many twists and turns. In fact, there are so many plot twists that I have a hard time imagining an author writing this many unique surprises without planning. Today, I am here to discuss the theory of planned plots vs writing loose.

When writing loose, you have a grand sense of freedom. Wherever you want to take the story, however you want to change things, you can change easily. There is no grand twist to your story until you add one. Often times, you will be just as surprised with the story’s outcome as the readers. Robert E. Howard and Raymond Chandler were common supporters and users of this method. They both claim to sometimes not even have known who the real villain was! This method works very well for my father, but I’m not sure it could work for me.

In other cases there are too many surprises and twists you want to put in without planning it. For my stories, I have always planned them out, using Dramatica Pro 5. My question regarding the Harry Potter books deals with the method of planning. I find it particularly difficult to try and write a book series without knowing what’s going to happen. How are you going to keep track of all these plot twists? As an added thought, how can you remain consistent if you do not know how things all bind together? Advisably, a series should be written planned out.

I myself prefer to go with the planned method of writing, but I do not say it is better, only easier for me. Tell me what you think of these methods or if you have a different theory!

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2 Responses to The Writing Files: Planned

  1. newyorkmommy1 says:

    When I write I have the badic idea of where I want it to go but I write from the heart and see where each day takes me when it comes to my writing

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