Monday Excerpt

This week I will be starting back to a more regular schedule, so look forward to some interesting book reviews soon. Here is a little bit of the Clue Story I wrote about last week:

A cool breeze rippled across Lake Huron. Standing on the shore of Michigan, Samuel Black, a well-built man well into his 60’s, grinned at the moon. One could call his smile psychotic, but his grin was hardly the oddest thing about him.

Turning, he stalked into the house. Reaching the office, he pulled out six pieces of formal stationary and began to type a message for each on a bulky, black typewriter. Although not as neat or convenient as his desktop computer, the typewriter would be untraceable should the note’s recipients notify the authorities. When he was done, Black put the invitations into six gold envelopes and strode out of the house to slip them into the mail. Soon enough six people would come. He knew they’d come.

Black turned and threw his typewriter out the window, watching as it disappeared into the murky water. Satisfied, Black leaned back in his cozy leather chair. He finally was ready. Soon, the whole world would realize his genius. Or maybe they wouldn’t. It all depended on the six.

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