New Ideas

I recently had a couple new ideas for some stories. I am going to share them with you in place of my usual Monday Excerpt post:

One of my ideas is based on the version of the Clue game we own. Six people, Natalia De Souza (Scarlet), Jack Hartman (Mustard), Eleanor Hamilton (Peacock), Tyler Marshall (Green), Alexis Villenueve (White), Nikolas Maskimov (Plum),  are mysteriously brought to a rich millionaire Samuel Black’s home on a threat he addressed to him. Upon arrival they find that he is a very peculiar man with a strange story to tell them. That night, they find themselves stranded when a thick rainstorm blows down the telephone lines and they are a hundred miles from civilization in every direction. During dinner their host disappears in a blackout and they find a note that informs them onimously: Black is dead. With sudden traps and frightening murder attempts lunging at them from every corner, all six guests will have to unlock parts of themselves they never knew about and try to solve a grand enigma – with no clue.

My second idea is entirely my own. It starts with a very interesting question posed to the reader: What if your dreams weren’t just dreams? What if when you went to sleep, a ghost of yourself enters a virtual reality where anything can happen? In my story, dreams are monitored by a secret agency that makes sure no one is hurt and that the dream world never meets or harms the living. There are three zones for dreamers to enter: the sunset zone, where dreams can be bizarre but usually have happy endings, the twilight zone (merely coincidental on the name), where dreams are wacky but not too scary, and the midnight zone, where nightmares come to life. The “ghosts” of people float into each dimension by no choice of their own. They simply float in. Once in each dimension a personal bubble will escort them to their dream “world”. The people you meet who look like those you know but don’t act like it are simply part of the world. They don’t exist. But those who do act like themselves are really the ghosts of that person. Now every once in a while, people will drift into the other’s dream. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it usually causes the dream to become much more real. In my story, six people end up together. The effect causes the dream to be so strong that the main character wakes up with a scratch from the dream. The agency is frantic, because more and more people are colliding and the dream world is getting out of hand. They will have to recruit some special individuals to battle and find the reason this is happening – but are they willing to pay the price?

Both these stories sound thrilling to me and I really want to write them. However, I’m currently working on a trilogy series right now and don’t have the time to get sidetracked on smaller projects. Perhaps when I am done with my series I will pick up with these. If I do decide to finish them, I will most definitely post the fruits of my labor on my blog for you guys to critique.

Chime time! Tell me what you think of these ideas and let me know what awesome twists you would add!

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2 Responses to New Ideas

  1. I think the dream idea is great – Can’t wait to read it!

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