The Menagerie: Krakens and Lies

WARNING – You probably would want to read the first two books, The Menagerie and The Menagerie: Dragon Trial before you read this book.

Tui T. Sutherland and Kari Sutherland bring you the conclusion to their stunning series The Menagerie. Read for laughter and enjoyment:

In Krakens and Lies, Logan Wilde has found a plan for an “amusement park” where all the mythical creatures he’s met over the past week or two will be imprisoned forever. Odder still, his mom, who went missing months ago, may have something to do with it! He and his new best friends, Blue and Zoe Kahn, must race against the clock to find and stop the saboteur of their menagerie, as well as fix relationships that could save their home – or destroy it.

Wonderfully written and originally hilarious, Krakens and Lies will have you wanting more from these talented authors. I personally hope that they will continue to write about these characters whom I have come to root for, laugh at, and gasp with. For any budding author or fan of reading, this is a book that will set your imagination stirring and take your dreams where they never could have gone before.

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