The Writing Files: Laptop vs. Desktop

Fellow writers, the time has come to face the facts, take the stage, and admit it. We need a writing space. Now that’s not to say that we can’t write beautifully without one, but having a place to write with everything easily accessable is particularly convenient. However, for the sake of reality, we’ll choose to skip the wishing and get right down to the facts. What makes a writing space truly wanted? In answer to this I say: we have what we need for reference, comfort, and easy thinking. I propose the laptop vs. desk argument.

Laptop vs Desk

Laptop vs Desk

To defend the case of the desk, I present the oldest excuse of them all: tradition. It’s always there and is usually a rock-solid foundation. No more worrying about losing your laptop anywhere. Your papers, dictionaries and computer are all there waiting for you and you’ll never have to worry about running out of battery. Everything you need without worry!  The desk is steady and dependable.

Laptop vs Desk

Laptop vs Desk

On the flip side, you have the great advantage of being able to type wherever you want. All it takes is charging it overnight and you can spend hours typing on the road. Like a desktop computer, the laptop also offers a built in dictionary, translator, and several other useful apps that will aid a writer in his or her quest to write accurately. The convenient method of writing-on-the-go shames the desk, but does not compare with the dependability.

There you have it! Both options and great arguments on each side. As for me, I must opt with the desk, honestly because I do not have a laptop. However I find that a desk is great for long writing sessions. A tip for writers having to share a computer I might offer is: keep a thumbdrive! Put your most current projects on it and make sure you don’t save an important file to anything but the drive. That way you are still portable!

Any comments? Suggestions? Did you notice anything I failed to mention?

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