Monday Excerpt

I’ve been working on Dramatica Pro 5 again to revise and fix up my story. Today, I’d like to share what I wrote about my characters. Here are three character examples, those of the main character, the influence character, and villain. Tell me what you think:

Name: Albie Donahue ID: Influence Character Gender: Male Form: Single Description:

Albie’s mom is a single mom who is forced to live at the carnival – because she’s a mermaid. Albie works primarily under Drake’s command, stealing mythical animals from the hidden homes they have made for themselves. He is the only one who knows about the small totems for the types of animals. Albie is really weak and frightened of Drake, but at the same time is completely oblivious to the strength within him. The ability to capture mythical animals is rare and passed down from generation to generation. He has greasy blond hair and washed-out blue eyes.

Role: impact character, carnival worker

Story Activities: Albie is Drake’s minion, who happens to run into Jack by accident. He is quick to realize that Jack shouldn’t be roaming around, but also is smart enough to realize the reason. Soon, he comes to like Jack and even wants to help him by letting Jack stay with him and his mom. Albie still follows Drake’s orders, despite his desperate hope that Jack will help him get out of it. He eventually decides to rebel, throwing the totems that Drake gave him into the ocean and trying to find the others so he could destroy them as well.

Character Type: Complex Characteristics:

Motivation: Avoidance; Hinder Methodology: Certainty; Protection Evaluation: Proven; Unproven Purpose: Inertia; Projection

Name: Edgar Drake Gender: Male Form: Single Description:

Edgar Drake is the sole manager and owner of the carnival. He found the totems as an ambitious young worker and soon realized their power. With these potential instruments to wield, Drake began enslaving the mythical animals he came across seeing their potential in tricking and reaping money from towns – as well as being able to get them to do his bidding with his arsenal of mythical (as well as dangerous) creatures. He is deathly afraid of the “tamers”, who are the only ones that can actually challenge his totems’ control, especially since he loses the dragon totem shortly before Jack, a dragon tamer, appears. Edgar Drake has black hair and black eyes.

Role: antagonist, carnival owner/manager Story Activities: Edgar Drake manages the carnival and constantly tries to prevent any “tamers” from joining the carnival and challenging his control. He is forced to kidnap Jack when he realizes that Jack is a dragon tamer. He doesn’t know that Sam and Wren are tamers as well, but has suspicions. This desire to keep everything in line leads him to try and harm them.

Character Type: Complex Characteristics:

Motivation: Control; Uncontrolled Methodology: Proaction; Reaction Evaluation: Effect; Test Purpose: Order; Chaos

Name: Jack Robinson ID: Main Character Gender: Male Form: Single Description:

Jack’s a very analytical, very “lets kind of think this through” person. Unlike the rest of his family, who coped well with the move, Jack’s still adjusting. He’s trying to find a way to fit in a new community full of kids who are used to a small town. In a way, the carnival was exactly what he needed, because it gave him a chance to grow and make friends. It also teaches him to adapt and gives him a love of flying (due to having Sparks). Dark blond-brown hair and brown eyes.

Role: main character, brother, friend, dragon trainer Story Activities: Jack moved from busy California, to small Ohio where life seems to be on the slow end. He gets sucked into a big mystery with his kidnapping and eventually learns to train his dragon, Sparks. He also attempts to find the totems so he can save the carnival, as well as himself.

Character Type: Complex Characteristics:

Motivation: Logic; Feeling Methodology: Deduction; Evaluation Evaluation: Hunch; Result Purpose: Thought; Actuality

So what do these characters say to you? Tell me where you think this storyline is going and offer any suggestions you have!

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