The Jack Sparrow Handbook

Ever wanted to be a pirate? Have you ever thought about pillaging and gaining gold? Even if you’re only a fan of pirate movies, this wonderful book is a must-read for fans of the buccaneering life.

In this delightful book written by Jason Heller, learn how to become a true pirate. Discover the secrets of building up your pirate agenda, hire a pirate crew, and explore what it means to truly be a pirate. As a fun bonus, you’ll also learn who to watch out for when sailing the seven seas and who to trust. To make the experience more fun, listen to some piratey music while you read to get into the true spirit of things.

Delightfully funny and generously filled with facts and fun, The Jack Sparrow Handbook is a great read! I highly advise it for anyone with a love of the sea (and/or gold).

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2 Responses to The Jack Sparrow Handbook

  1. Well, maybe the “gaining gold”. Not so much the “pillaging”.

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