The Writing Files: Research is Essential?!

I never considered research. In all the books I read, there was some acknowledgement to people about how they helped with the research. But I’ve never done research. Little by little though, I’m realizing that I have to! To be completely accurate about what I’m writing, I must.

As I was writing my newest book, I came to a point where I wanted to write about BB guns, the kind that you can fire in your backyard. The protagonist needed to have some kind of “weapon” for a future scene in the book. However, all the creatures he was going to be facing were magical. As in all the myths, they are only susceptible to iron, so I had to do some research about whether iron bullets are made for BB guns.

While that’s just one example, I’ve come to realize that writing even a fantasy story requires me to read and research.

What tips do you have for researching?

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